Springing into Summer

Hello, hello! This outfit post has been sitting on my dashboard for a month now and it was a surge of random motivation that finally resulted in its posting. If you follow me on social media at all, you might know that I am finding it incredibly difficult to resist the endless temptations offered by the spring and summer collections in my favourite stores. While I am trying to shift towards spending my earnings on memories rather than objects, it seems nigh impossible to completely forget about one's shopaholicism when one works right above a major retail centre.

So, without further ado, behold my current obsession with all things cute and spring-y: ruffles, stripes, bell sleeves, and puffy sleeves galore. Specifically, this dress was bought while spontaneously perusing Zara and buying the first ruffled item that suited my fancy. As well, I was particularly proud of the fact that I managed to wear for, the very first time, this pair of Pour La Victoire heels. I remember buying these heels quite a while ago on sale at a boutique in Gastown. However, they were soon banished to the oblivion of my husband's closet and forgotten until I started spring cleaning this year.

Dress // Zara
Shoes // Pour La Victoire
Sunglasses // Le Specs

In other news, my next vacation is fast coming up: a five day trip to Jasper in the Canadian Rockies. As with all of my previous trips with my best girlfriends, I look forward to loads of heart-to-heart talks and, of course, hiking in gorgeous scenery. Not too long after that, I'll be looking forward to two adventures with my hubby: a brief weekend trip to Tofino and an epic trip to Australia and New Zealand. My coworkers consider me crazy for all of the vacation I take but what can ya do when you've been bitten by the travel bug?

Until I'm off and away again, I'll be celebrating a much-anticipated wedding this weekend, looking at some potential new homes, and watching the new Wonder Woman movie (is anyone else super excited to see this??). What are your most exciting plans for the upcoming summer?


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