Got the Work Blues

For the entire month of June, we were allowed to wear jeans at work on Fridays if we donated to our Children's Miracle Network campaign (CMN). Along with helping a good cause, it provided me with several different opportunities to style my favourite mom jeans from Topshop. If you see me on a regular basis, you would know that jeans are not a staple of my sartorial repertoire. Usually, I would choose the comfort of slacks over a pair of blue denim any day. However, since I bought this pair last year, I have never regretted my choice-- the lack of rips make it work appropriate while remaining somewhat trendy with rolled cuffs and a high waist. 

On this particular occasion, I was able to wear my brand new baby blue top from the latest Aritzia sale, along with my newest obsession-- these embroidered boots from the latest Zara sale. (You might have gotten the hint that I've been shopping several sales lately...) I was pleasantly surprised to receive an overwhelmingly positive response to the boots. Even a male coworker who usually makes snarky comments about my more outlandish outfits could only express his great appreciation of their design!

Sadly, the maiden voyage of the baby blue top was to end in mild tragedy. Whilst pie-ing two of my managers for the final CMN fundraising efforts, I accidentally smudged some oily whipcream onto the front of my blouse. Therefore, the end result will be an unfortunately hefty dry cleaning bill.

Top // T. Babaton
Jeans // Topshop
Cape // Wilfred
Boots // Zara

In other news, I have three more days of work before I leave early Saturday morning for Jasper with the girls! I've already started packing and daydreaming of my (hopefully) sunny days spent hiking the breathtaking mountains in that national park. Furthermore, it will be Canada Day weekend-- it will be so perfect to celebrate this country's birthday in one of its most famous natural areas! 


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