Easter Happiness

Today, the gorgeous sunshine and warmth reflect exactly how I and many others feel on the inside while celebrating the very special holiday of Easter. With spring bursting into brilliant blossom over this long weekend, I am all the more reminded as to why this day is so glorious. In my faith, Easter marks not mini-eggs and fluffy bunny rabbits, but the day on which our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the grave, conquered death, and bore humanity's sin away with His sacrifice. While His death was full of blood, sweat, pain and tears, in my mind I can think of nothing quite as beautiful as that on this earth.

Thinking of His love and sacrifice also leads me to remember how amazingly blessed I am-- living in a beautiful country that protects our freedoms and rights despite all of the turmoil stirring around our world. A few other blessings? A loving husband, a comfortable home, incredible friends, and more than enough food and clothes than I could ever really need. All I can say is: Thank You.

To commemorate this wonderful day, I decided to wear one of my latest spring sale finds-- this satin material wrap top that is versatile enough to be worn for both weekend and work occasions. And, oh yeah, you might have noticed the hair-related changes: I dyed my hair ashen blonde and cut off the unhealthy fried ends that were a sad result of my sun bingeing in the Caribbean a few months ago. Lastly, I pulled out the ol' YSL tote bag that I never use (why is probably why I can't justify buying another big name purchase for a little while longer). 

Top // Topshop
Pants // Wilfred 
Sunglasses // Le Specs via Nordstrom
Bag // Yves Saint Laurent
Shoes // Zara

Since my Sunday to-do list consisted of a tough spin class and finishing my taxes, I now feel free to do what I see fit with the rest of my weekend. Currently I am enjoying the last few hours of my weekend by blogging this and lazing around with a bit of Netflix (I recently finished 13 Reasons Why and now am bingeing on the relatively brainless, but enjoyable, Wynonna Earp). As well, before the sunshine leaves us for more rain, I plan to get further along with my latest 'book club' read (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) on my patio balcony. What are your Easter Sunday plans?


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