Christmas Comeback

Christmas Day, one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, has finally arrived in the form of a beautiful, wintry Sunday. As I'm sure many can relate, these past few weeks have been extremely hectic and have flown by like so many of those snowflakes that we Vancouverites have been witnessing lately. Last night and today, however, I was fortunate to find myself in the company of loved ones as we slowed down our lives to celebrate this most joyous occasion.

After not nearly enough sleep last night, I rolled out of bed this morning at 9:40 am and got my derriere over to the morning Christmas service. From there, I enjoyed lunch with friends who are as close as family, skipped watching the Christmas NBA game via a workout at said friends' complex gym (fist pump), and then passed out at home. Ensuing activities included watching Netflix on the couch and realizing that I finally had the time and energy to finish a blog post!

The following pictures were actually taken months ago on a typically rainy day in Vancouver. However, life sped into hyperdrive with the onset of a new job, new responsibilities, and a general overload of my daily schedule. As a result, I completely forgot about posting these cute pictures of a downtown date spent petting cats in a cafe and eating steaming pho to fend off the cold.

Coat // Oak + Fort
Shirt // Nordstrom
Pants // Urban Outfiters
Shoes // Zara
Hat // H&M
Bag // Plenty

Special shout-out to my dedicated photographer who risked her pretty pink bomber jacket in the rain to get these photos! 

Catfe, an establishment dedicated to the welfare of adoptable kitties, strives to provide a cozy, comfortable existence to cats who have yet to be taken home by new owners. While visitors are not permitted to pick up the furry residents of the cafe, we are allowed to play and pet them to our hearts' content. We discovered that most of the cats are adopted quite quickly after visitors have a chance to fall in love. Honestly, after visiting Catfe, I still don't know entirely if I am more of a cat or dog person!

Well, it has been nice catching up, albeit briefly, with y'all but I now have to make myself visit some local Christmas lights before I get too lazy to leave my place. While I'm not making myself any promises, I do really miss blogging immensely and hope that I can retain my writing hobby just a tad longer.

So, until next time, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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