That Summer Feeling

A fellow summer-loving individual recently remarked to me that the fall season was like "slowly getting a cold." Indeed, the inevitable progression towards the shorter, darker, and colder days of winter is not unlike when you first get the sniffles and come to the certain realization that you're about to get sick. Personally, I adore summer for its long, warm days during which I can spend more time outdoors doing things like hiking, running, enjoying beach barbecues, and reading on my balcony patio.  

I'm trying to alleviate my state of depression by thinking about the fun aspects of autumn: pumpkin patches, apple cider, changing leaves, and the ability to wear cute layers without dying of heat stroke. Nevertheless, I'm not-so-secretly hoping that summer will make an extended stay in our fair lands and last until at least early October-- is that asking too much?

Jumpsuit + Shoes // Topshop
Bag // Plen+y

For this post's featured outfit, I wore an outfit that further demonstrates my state of denial regarding the end of summer. Fortunately, it can be converted into a somewhat warmer, work-appropriate ensemble with the magic of layers and turtlenecks. While I have been trying to avoid Topshop to spare my wallet and save up for upcoming vacations, I couldn't help trying and buying this super cute off-the-shoulder jumpsuit that was offered in this muted green shade. Paired with my most comfortable Topshop mules, I was ready to enjoy a relaxing Saturday afternoon with Sarah (who was kind enough to take these photos) eating pho and watching random Netflix movies. 

Luckily, this upcoming week and weekend are supposed to be quite warm and sunny; hopefully, I can wear some summer outfits for the last time before they're relegated to the back of my closet. 

What are some summery pieces or outfits that you'll be wearing before it becomes true sweater weather?


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