Tuesday, 30 July 2013

High Waisted at the Lake

Chiffon Shirt: Forever 21 // Denim Shorts: Zara // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Rings: H&M // Necklace: Joe Fresh // Wedges: Expression (The Bay) 

Hello everyone,
Yesterday was yet another hot summer day in what feels like an eternity of good weather that we've been enjoying lately here in Vancouver. The BF and I enjoyed a couples massage and facial ($124 as part of a Groupon deal) at the Sheraton Hotel in Surrey, had dim sum with his parents, worked out at our gym, and basically passed out cold when we got home. After a super hectic and emotionally tough week, a chill and relaxing day was exactly what I needed to recover. However, the fun doesn't stop there: I'm getting a much-needed haircut tomorrow, watching The Wolverine at night, and enjoying some girl-time while shopping on Wednesday! Although I won't be able to enjoy sleeping in late over the next few work-free days, I won't mind as much since I'll be waking up for the sake of fun activities.   
For this outfit, I wore this grid-patterned chiffon shirt from Forever 21 (on sale for $12!) that I especially bought for the sheer black sleeves. I find that they are both chic and sexy, yet not unnecessarily revealing. Also, I've been wearing these high-waisted denim shorts repeatedly over the past while- I find that they are the perfect summertime clothing staple that goes with just about anything.  

How have you been soaking up the sunshine these days?

Friday, 26 July 2013

Romper in the Woods

Romper: Old Navy (old) // Wedges: Wild Diva (via clothing swap) // Bag: Olivia + Joy // Bracelets: Ardene // Necklace: Forever 21 // Cross earrings: Material Girl // Sunglasses: Aldo  

Hello everyone,
The BF and I decided to check out a local park near his place yesterday as we had recently noticed that it had been somewhat 'renovated' or revamped in order to make it more accessible for the general public. Although it still isn't the most tempting of recreational areas, they cleared some of the trees from the forested area so that park-goers would feel safer venturing into that area. The park is most attractive to dog-owners as it features a dog-park where dogs can play and interact within a fenced area, as well as a large, open field for running around. 
Until we get our own puppy, we will only be going there when we need a biking shortcut (we both bought bikes for ourselves the other day- talk about an impulse buy!) to the nearby mall or when we need to take pictures for my blog. ;) 
In terms of this outfit, I was wondering to myself the other day about why I hadn't worn this wrinkled romper number yet since it is perfect for summertime weather. I was thinking about the possibility of ironing it but remembered that it wrinkles in approximately 50 seconds anyways; as a result, I decided to just go with it and pretend that the wrinkles add to the draped design. Humour me and let me continue believing in this fantasy, please! However, after wearing it for an entire day, I was soundly reminded of how annoying it was to go to the bathroom in this kinda of getup and I am seriously rethinking my intentions of buying a pantsuit in the near future... So, nay or yea to pantsuits? What say you?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Got That Vegas Hangover

Tank: Forever 21 //  Skort: Sheinside // Sunglasses: Material Girl // Sandals: Steve Madden // Necklace: Forever 21 // Bracelet: Ily Couture // Bag: Michael Kors  

Greetings everyone,
I have managed to return alive from my Vegas trip of four days and nights, even if I did feel like I was on the edge of death while travelling back. I would say that the majority of my trip was pretty amazing; I had the most delicious food, great deals while shopping, did a large number of fun activities, and great company. However, I find that Vegas can wear you down both mentally and emotionally; the aptly-named "Sin City" is not surprisingly a place fully immersed in a very superficial lifestyle of partying and cheap glamour. For my next trip to LA, I'm hoping to experience sights and sounds that have a little more substance and result in better memories, instead of us being bombarded with constant advertisements for sex, drinking, clubbing, and strippers. I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon as I think I have made enough memories (both good and bad) there to last me for quite a while!

 Enjoying the Cosmopolitan lounge all by my lonesome...
 A giant Louboutin!
 Visiting the real Paris is definitely on my bucket list!
 After getting my second round of ear piercing, we enjoyed a relaxing walk around the Planet Hollywood mall.
 My main man and photographer.
 Those famous chandeliers at the Cosmopolitan. 
Self explanatory.
 My newest BFF, who definitely helped me to improve my sub-par posture.
Taking a breather at Crystals, a very high-end mall exclusively for designer brands.

Well that's it for the first post of my Vegas trip, I definitely was sweltering in that 40 degree celsius weather; however, loose tanks, shorts, constant hydration, and a strong inclination towards air conditioned areas were our salvation! I finally found a graphic print that I could wear without feeling awkward- this rather wordy tank from the Forever 21 store in the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas. I feel as if more words on my shirt will hopefully result in there being less people bothering to read the whole thing. ;)

Monday, 22 July 2013

A Day at Kitsilano Beach

This is a super late post to commemorate the birthday of one of my closest and oldest friends, AK! On this sunny spring day, we went to Kitsilano to spend time with each other (a rare occurrence with our busy lives of late) and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. We enjoyed amazing coffee, brunch, and even better company. 
Thank you AK for always being there for me, supporting and listening to me during my life's toughest trials. Right now you are enjoying your much-deserved trip to London and beyond, I wish you the most wonderful journey and that you have the very best experiences and meet more incredible people like yourself while over there!

Miss and love you lots- be safe! xxxxxx

Friday, 12 July 2013

Sun Kissed

Skorts: Sheinside.com // Shirt: Olive & Oak // Crop top: Brandy Melville // Sunglasses: Aldo

Happy Friday everyone!
Today marks the third last day before I make my way over to sunny Vegas on Monday! In the meantime, I'm enjoying the beautiful and more moderate weather here in Vancouver by wearing my favourite summertime pieces, which includes this pink pair of skorts from Sheinside.com. Unlike my black pair from Zara, these cost less than $20 from the online store and I feel that the soft pink colour suits me even more. I can already tell that it will be a staple for my summer wardrobe this year. Are there any summer staples that you will be wearing the heck out of this season?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tropical Stripes

Crop top: Garage // Skirt: Express // Shoes: Zara // Necklace: The Bay // Sunglasses: Material Girl

This is yet another crop top that I have recently purchased (truth be told, I bought another one on sale at Urban Outfitters just the other day...). I believe that I now need to perform a self-intervention on myself and never buy another crop top... At least for the next while. I think I've unwisely let to sun get to my head and have allowed myself to believe that crop tops are actually worthwhile investments for a West Coast Canadian environment- which, if you don't already know, is completely false. We get hot days like this for only a tiny fraction of the year; the rest of the year mostly consists of coldness, rain, and mild sunshine. 
To my credit, I was buying these tops with some sort of purpose: to prepare for the 40-something-degree weather that we will be facing in Vegas next week. I'll be there for four nights and five-ish days, so clothing that helps me to beat the heat are invaluable. 
In addition, this was the first time in which I wore my newest pair of heels from Zara. I was quite proud of the fact that these shoes were the only things that I've bought so far from the Zara summer sales. Just as I was forcing myself into a much-needed shopping fast, the summer sales decided to explode in the retail industry with a vengeance. I feel like I'm bombarded daily with temptation and it's incredibly hard to stay abstinent from one of my worst habits. Nevertheless, the cutout design and gems on these heels are very lovely, don't you agree?
How are you beating the heat with possibly unwise fashion choices?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Cropped Aztec Print for the Beach

Aztec print crop top: Brandy Melville // Tank: Forever 21 // Shorts: H&M // Sandals: Steve Madden // Sunglasses: Material Girl

This past Monday, which was also Canada Day, I had the pleasure of spending the day with friends out in the intense sunshine that has been visiting beautiful Vancouver lately. First, my boyfriend and I headed downtown for Third Beach in Stanley Park for a three hour tan session. As it was a beach less accessible to non-driving folk, the beach was much less crowded than expected- a definite plus! I tanned, slept, and even dipped (ok, more like submerged myself) into the ocean in order to cool off. I must say that I've forgotten how fun it is to swim out as far as you can into a vast body of water like a large lake or ocean (I was quite the dare-devil as a younger individual).

In keeping with the hot temperature, I wore as little clothing as possible without being indecent. Namely, these shorts, this barely-there tank, and a new Brandy Melville cropped top with a cut-out design on the back. You can blame the internet; once I got a glimpse of these tops on both the site and on Brandy Melville Canada's Instagram account, I just had to get one for myself! 

What kind of clothing have you been wearing to keep cool?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wedding Jitterbugs

As was previously mentioned, I had the privilege of attending and participating in the wedding of two friends this past weekend. In terms in being involved with the wedding, I had a small role in helping to decorate for the ceremony (things on Pinterest are never as easy to make as they look!) and I also had to sing some church songs for part of the ceremony. Despite my voice and our many obstacles in setting up decorations, the wedding went smoothly and was so gorgeous! Take a look below:

These darn twine balls were the bane of our existences
The MGs reunited 
The wedding couple arrive at the church
Stage Decorations #1
Stage Decorations #2
Ms R, C, and Me <3