Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Dress: French Connection (now on sale) // Necklace: Joe Fresh // Bracelet: Ily Couture // Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Despite my best efforts to remain shopping-free in these last few short weeks before I hit Vegas once again, I can't help but notice all of those tempting summer sales that have been exploding in the shop-o-sphere lately. This striped FCUK dress was but one example of my failure to remain abstinent from retail therapy. Another was a pair of gorgeous Zara heels that were too good of a deal to ignore (soon to be posted once they arrive)!
Have you gotten any amazing summer deals recently? If so, do share!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Trendy Tuesday Report: Interviewing Celebrity Stylist Jeannie Mai for AX3 Battery

Hi everyone,
Today I posted my first interview with the celebrity stylist, makeup artist, and TV personality Jeannie Mai on the publication AX3 Battery. It was a pretty wonderful experience to be able to connect with such a fabulous individual since I'd already fallen in love with her style and personality while watching her makeover show "How Do I Look?" 
As well as her own makeover show, Jeannie has appeared on popular shows such as "Fashion Star," the "Today" show, and "Extra" as a fashion correspondent. Additionally, she has also worked as a Red Carpet commentator at prestigious events such as the Golden Globes Awards.
On the Golden Globes Awards red carpet
 As well as giving a little background on herself and her work, Mai was kind enough to provide us with some great style and motivational advice on both fashion and life in general.
Check out the interview here

Monday, 24 June 2013

Men's Style Edition: Purple Rain

Sweater: Club Monaco // Jeans: Levi's // Boots: Cole Haan 

How are y'all doing?
It's been a rainy last few days and looks like the rain is here to stay for a little longer before that sunshine comes back. I'm just hoping that the weather app is right for once and that warmer temperatures and sunny weather are back on the menu for later this week. However, I guess I shouldn't complain since I will be "enjoying" 40+ degree weather in less than three weeks when I return to Vegas for the second time this year.
Anywho, this is a guest stylist post by the man himself. He always states that he's the scrubmaster but when he dresses up, he really dresses up. I love how he manages to pick out such cool pieces completely on his own initiative and keeps up with men's fashion (which helps when I write posts on that subject). From socks to the latest shirt designs to footwear, he always is knowledgeable about the latest and hottest trends. I love these light purple Levi's that he was rocking that day, definitely not the usual blue jeans!
Check out his crazy outfit for his birthday party this last Saturday:

His: Leopard print Tee: Topshop // Belt: King Baby // Glasses: Dsquared // Pants: Armani Exchange // Shoes: Lacoste (courtesy of yours truly) // Crocodile Textured Ring: David Yurman 

Hers: Blouse: H&M // Skorts and Shoes: Zara // Necklace: Joe Fresh // Earrings: Front & Co. // Bracelets: Ily Couture, Forever 21

Friday, 21 June 2013

Bedroom Decor Revamping: Ikea and Urban Barn

Hello everyone,
I have finally gotten around to updating a long neglected aspect of my life: my bedroom d├ęcor. After some serious speculation, I've deduced that about 80% of my bedroom is composed of Ikea-derived items. Such is the life of a student on a budget!  
This little craze of mine started when I bought a discounted duvet from (down from $200-300 to $40) and I realized that I needed to buy a duvet cover and matching pillow case. After checking Ikea’s inventory, I found this bright, graphic design for the extraordinarily cheap price of $12.99. 

However, being the curious online shopper that I am, I discovered that there were other amazing deals to be found. For instance, I found this amazing metal-and-glass laptop table for only $35! Even more, it comes with a handy-dandy place to keep any messy laptop cables from cluttering up your floor (I’ve tripped over those many a time).  
I also got this cheap nightstand for $49.99 at Ikea. I randomly started assembling it at around 12pm-1am at night, who knew that assembling Ikea furniture could be such a relaxing and therapeutic endeavour?

Next on the list will be some new mirrors, both a circle and a long one, and a space-saving bookcase. 
Lastly, I made some unexpected purchases at the Urban Barn outlet (clearance items 50-70% off) near the PoCo Costco (after an unexpected Costco expedition with the BF). First, my eye was caught by this striking pillow design of a coloured bird sitting atop a black and white cage. I’ve always had a fascination with cages since I was a child (I hope I’m not the only one) and the fact that the bird was set free from this one somehow made it even better! 

Secondly, I bought this antique-looking candle-holder to spice up the general atmosphere of my bedroom.
Featuring my newest nail polish from Urban Outfitters that was on sale for 25 cents!
Have you done any bedroom revamping lately? Feel free to share any tips with me on how to jazz up my room even more!

Here's a little random Vine video that I took while shopping at Urban Fare. While it's certainly not the greatest quality, it was a fun app to play around with (while acting like complete dorks).

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Golden Gate Bridge Sunset

Bag: Michael Kors // Skirt: Uniqlo // Blouse: Zara // Shoes: Steve Madden // Jacket: Tobias (via Plum) // Bracelets: Tiffany & Co., Forever 21
The boys admiring their shiny cars. 
Welcome to my very last post on my San Francisco trip, a journey that actually took place early last month (but feels like so much longer ago). I have two earlier posts that I wrote about the trip here and here. This is an extremely late post that I've had in my drafts section for what has seemed like an eternity, so please forgive me for my random tardiness. After coming back from that magical city, I still can't get those wonderful sights and sounds out of my mind. While I most likely will not be returning in the fall as I had originally hoped, I will definitely place SF on the forefront of my travel destinations in the near future. The BF and I have actually planned another trip to Vegas in less than a month; however, no matter how fun Vegas can be, it cannot be compared to those lovely times I had in San Fran.

Looking back at these sunset photos gives me such longing to go back- sadly, for now I can only wish and wait... 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Floppy Hats and Summer Sunshine

Blouse and Hat: H&M // Shorts: J. Crew // Bag: Michael Kors // Shoes: Nine West // Necklace: The Hudson Bay Company

Happy Sunday everyone!
The weather over the last couple of days has been truly amazing and I've been soaking up every ounce of sunshine that I possibly can. Shouldn't shorts and a floppy hat be mandatory for a gorgeous day like this? After finishing work for the week, I've been spending my down time relaxing with family and friends (as usual), as well as having two wonderful Father's Day meals with the boyfriend's family yesterday and with mine today. I especially loved the huge lobster that we enjoyed yesterday- take a look below for a sneak peek!
 I also enjoyed a relaxing walk on the pier at Rocky Point Park.
It's no wonder that this is absolutely my favourite time of year!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Tag: 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

Hello y'all!
As you most probably know, I'm most certainly not a makeup guru or beauty expert (I somehow manage to mess up just about every nail polish job I do, among other things...) as I usually focus on fashion first and see makeup as a secondary aspect. However, I was asked to participate in this fun beauty tag post by my lovely and fashionable friends over at Fashion To The Nine. Both of those ladies, Luvania and Fatima, are very well-versed in the arts of make-up and beauty; they are just the type of handy friends to which I direct many of my questions regarding that aspect of life. Nevertheless, I guess I do know some things about beauty and makeup so let's get this thing started!

1. Greed: What is your most expensive beauty item? 
In terms of pricing in relation to the product quantity, I'd say that my Rosactive eyes contour cream ($52) and Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster ($65) are the most expensive items in my beauty regime. They usually last around six months before they either run out or should be replaced, but I always feel that skincare products are one of those things that you should never cheap out on! I recently bought the eye cream because a long-time (and older) friend bluntly told me that I needed eye cream stat or I would have crowfeet wrinkles in the corners of my eyes within a few short years (yikes!). That sure got me to spend that cash pretty fast. Lastly, while my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette was also pricey, I feel that it was completely worth the splurge as I use it everyday and I love the palette shades. 

2. Wrath: What beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
This would have to be either my eyeliners or mascaras! While both are an essential part of my daily makeup routine, I never can seem to find the perfect item for my particular needs. As someone with greasy eyelids, there is probably no eyeliner in existence that stay on my eyelids without smearing onto my crease for an entire day. However, with the use of transparent powder, I can "set" the liner so that any smudging is minimal. Right now I'm using a Sephora brand gel liner and it's quite satisfactory. As well, as someone with decently long eyelashes, I only require mascara for volume. However, it's an uphill battle finding mascara that is affordable (since I go through tubes very fast, I don't think it's worth it for me to buy expensive brands) and good quality- right now I'm using Maybelline Volume Million Lashes and it's working well enough for me. 

3. Gluttony: What makeup brand is the biggest chunk of your collection? 
Due to the fact that I'm still a student and am only working part-time, I currently only splurge on certain items, like eye-shadow palettes from Urban Decay, expensive moisturizers, or primers from Make Up For Ever. Otherwise, I usually buy from more affordable brands, such as Sephora and drugstore brands. 

4. Sloth: What product do you neglect to use due to laziness? 
This has to be either skincare products with any degree of SPF or my eye cream. While I always preach about the dangers of skin cancer, I am quite hypocritical sometimes in that I often forget to put on sunscreen before I go outside for a run or walk in the park. Otherwise, I'm pretty good with using primers, moisturizers, and exfoliating creams on a daily basis.

5. Pride: Which beauty product gives you the most confidence? 
I think if I had to choose a maximum of two makeup products I could wear before I left my house, I would choose my foundation and blush. Both help to give me a dewy and fresh complexion that has me feeling awake and appealing.

6. Lust: Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?
This would have to a YSL lipstick in either red or hot pink. Or possibly a Butter London nail polish. I have been lusting over each of those items for a while but never have been able to justify spending that amount of money on such frivolous items that I wouldn't be using everyday. 

7. Envy: What makeup product looks great on others but not yourself?
Probably my foundation. Although I use an expensive primer and my makeup usually lasts to the end of the day, I always feel that some girls' foundation look so much more flawless than mine! Right now I use a cheap matte mousse formula from Maybelline because it's affordable and it works. However, I'm too busy lazy to look for a better, higher quality product that would work for me. I'll probably need to drag along my makeup crazy friends sometime in the near future to help me out in that area!

Well, hope that you enjoyed this post. To keep this thing going, I choose Jenny of PlogStyle to continue this Beauty Tag!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

All the Frills

Blouse: H&M // Skirt: Express // Shoes: Zara // Necklace: Ell and Em // Bracelet: vintage // Bag: Olivia + Joy // Sunglasses: Aldo 

Even though I often claim that I am a colour kind of gal, it's back to black and white for me with this frilly white blouse and faux-leather-trimmed skirt. While bold brights and neons are always wonderful for creating an eye-catching outfit, there can never be a true replacement for the classy glamour that results from wearing black and white together. For this particular outfit, just like in this post, I paired my monochromatic ensemble with these lovely bright orange suede heels from Zara. I can't wait to buy my next pair from there; they are so striking and stylish, yet affordable and comfortable to wear!
How do you wear your black and white?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Chained Up

Jacket: Banana Republic // Blouse: Zara // Shorts and Shoes: H&M // Necklace: Joe Fresh // Bracelet: Ily Couture

I was on the cusp on naming this post with something really lame, like "2 Chainz" or another equally horrid pun. Fortunately for everyone, I came to my senses after having a fantastic weekend eating, meeting up with friends, and enjoying life in general. Saturday was spent with the boyfriend working out at the gym, eating good food at various restaurants and at the Richmond Nightmarket, and watching him and his team dominate another roller hockey team. Sunday was pretty amazing too: I attended my good friend's bridal shower (I can't believe her wedding is just around the corner!) where we enjoyed delicious snacks and fun games. After that, I went to Phnom Penh for the first time, where I proceeded to way too much deep-fried food and amazing desserts (we ordered about three rounds of everything).
How was your weekend?