Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Versatility is Always Good

Dynamite Blazer // London coloured denim // Seduction chambray shirt // H&M heels // Material Girl necklace

Hello everyone, how is life?
I've been thinking about how the weeks have been passing by in a blinding flash (as usual) and have recently fully realized that it's already halfway through November! Which is a very good thing as I only have one more week of school after this and some final projects and assignments to complete before I'm doneee for the holidays. I'm counting down to my much-anticipated Vegas trip and a parade of Christmas parties that can be counted on for some good food, company, and snazzy dressing. 
I've also recently discovered the impressive versatility of this mint green boyfriend blazer. When I first bought it, I thought I'd only be able to wear it with a very select range of colours (white and other neutrals). But to my surprise I realized that I could pair it with a much larger spectrum of interesting shades. For instance, I paired it here with some burgundy jeans and a chambray shirt. When wearing these jeans for the first time today, I became aware that at least two-thirds of the girls (and guys) I saw around campus were wearing burgundy jeans. Very popular.
I also wanted to showcase my latest acquisition in shoewear, these platform heels that were on sale at H&M. I just bought another pair of Material Girl heels last week but couldn't resist this tantalizing sale when I was browsing the store... Oh the superficial problems of the shopping-obsessed. 

Have a great rest of your week and don't be afraid to be dress colourfully- it really adds extra flavour to your day!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Presentation Ready

I'm wearing:
Forever 21 sweater // Joe Fresh necklace // Aldo headwrap // Jacob shirt // Material Girl jeans // Fergalicious booties // H&M bag

Hello everyone, how are you doing?
I've pretty proud of the fact that I've managed to take photos of my outfits for the past three days without fail (which may be annoying for some) in order to keep my blog from suffering a limbo-like state of neglect. Yesterday happened to be a day that started off cloudy and ended up showing us some sunshine and blue sky. All very nice if I hadn't been cooped up in class for four hours listening to and making presentations. However, in light of the fact that I like to dress to cheer myself up on not-so-fun days, I wore my new Material Girl red denim. I find that I've been buying a lot of Material Girl items lately; I started off with some jewelry and slowly started to accumulate more of their offerings: a faux fur vest, a cute pleather jacket with puffed sleeves, crazy patterned shoes (to be shown in a future post), and now coloured denim. These pants are highly recommended as they are not only are very affordable ($30), they are comfortable and fit me relatively well (other than being a tad loose at the waist). I might buy another colour (or two) in the future unless I find a better option. Material Girl, a fashion line inspired and created by both Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, is extremely affordable for student budgets and offers a wide array of fun, colourful, and trendy clothing and accessories. I managed to stumble over this brand while wandering through The Bay; I like to troll random places where other people don't usually go shop and feel smug about finding awesome deals on my purchases.
It was very chilly yesterday so I was glad that I wore the extra layer of a black wool cardigan over this leopard print sweater and this Aldo headwrap to keep me warm and cosy while outside. I found it extremely hard to wear this headwrap last winter season so I ended up wearing it maybe once or twice. However, since I feel really guilty if I don't end up wearing the things that I've bought, I am determined to wear these head accessories much more this year! I also love this Joe Fresh necklace as the cute gold, black, and rhinestoned baubles are fun additions to my statement necklace collection (which will undoubtedly keep on growing in size within the near future as there are so many necklaces that I want!). And yep, I'm still wearing that fur bag. When I first bought it, I admit that I didn't think I'd wear it more than a few times. However, after starting to use it a few days ago, I was surprised at how much I love having something so soft as my constant companion (as weird as that sounds). 

Thanks for reading this post and enjoy your Thursday. It's my day off and I'm planning to use it to check out some more eye candy at the new Forever 21 store downtown... And maybe to do some school work too.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Seasonal Transitions

I'm wearing:
H&M sweater // thrifted skirt // Ribbon & Asher necklace // Topshop bag // Urban Planet leggings // Aldo boots

Hello everyone, it's yet another autumn day in Vancouver full of rain, cold, and super-early Christmas cheer (at the malls). Lately, I've been wanting to wear the many summery skirts in my closet in everyday outfits as their light fabrics and bright colours do wonders in cheering me up. However, in light of the fact that it is indeed fall/winter, I decided to toughen up this look with some darks. In this case, I chose a black sweater, black liquid leggings, and combat boots to do the job. I also used for the first time a Topshop sample bag I got from a good friend of mine when she was visiting Hong Kong recently. It feels a little like an old-school doctor's bag but I still like the pink trim a lot!
 Other than challenging myself to incorporate more summer clothing into my fall/winter wardrobe, I want to be more daring in things like my hair and makeup. For instance, I want to try to wear red lipstick (or other striking colours) on a regular basis or finally try out that hair bow hairstyle I see so often on Pinterest. Are there any crazy fashion/beauty trends that you want to try out?

Monday, 12 November 2012

All Bundled Up

I'm wearing:
H&M headwrap // Blouse from clothing swap // Topshop liquid leggings // Urban Planet grandpa sweater // Urban Planet suede fringed boots // H&M bag

 Hello everyone, enjoying the stat holiday so far?
Today has been my first off day from work since Thursday so I am immensely grateful for some relaxing "me" time. After the last week of hectic activity, it's so nice to wake up to a sleepy morning (despite the rain and the cold) when I don't have to rush to be anywhere. As it is cold out there and I want to feel warm and comfortable, I decided to take my H&M headwrap for a spin. This $7.95 piece has a lovely colour and braided style that I couldn't resist when I was randomly browsing the store a few months ago. However, actually wearing it turned out to be another matter as I find that it looks good when I leave the house but after a while it starts to ride up and mess up my hair. Also, yesterday I bought this cute fur bag from H&M that was on sale for $10 (down from $34.95); if my parents won't let me get another dog, at least I can have a cute furry bag as my substitute companion (so sad right? I could cry). My comfy grandpa sweater is quite awesome; the idea of elbow pads is so nerdy/old-school and awesome at the same time. Lastly, I bought these cheap fringe boots so I wouldn't wear out my more expensive pairs. I don't know why I chose suede material as it is obviously not the smartest choice for a rainy place like Vancouver. In that battle of cute vs. practical, it seems that 'cute' wins out here.

How are you bundling up for this weather? Be sure to enjoy your day off and don't forget an umbrella before heading out there!  

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Studs, Prints, & Hats

I'm wearing:
H&M hat // Forever 21 sweater // Forever 21 shirt // Pins & Needles skirt (clothing swap) // H&M leggings // Aldo boots // Aldo clutch

Hello everyone, how have you been? It's already November and everyone is gearing up for the end of the semester, the holidays, and that hectic gift-giving season. Meanwhile, we've been absolutely blessed with this fantastically sunny weather, I hope it lasts for just a bit longer before we have to make do with that dreadfully cold darkness that we call the winter season. This week I managed to enjoy the weather while waiting outside for my bus during the TSSU & CUPE strikes (I've missed two days of class because of it. Can't complain!). As well, today I woke up relatively early and got outside for a nice drive. I definitely enjoy looking at the beautiful scenery of red, yellow, and brown leaves when I'm protected by layers of warm outerwear, gloves, scarves, and other winter sartorial necessities. As well, I've been trying to wear my favourite hats in my everyday outfits (it's not that easy), especially this lovely H&M hat that has these pretty metal leaf tassels on it that are perfect for the fall season. 
Yesterday, I went to check out a sample sale on Robson Street and was sorely disappointed when I discovered that I had made the trek for absolutely nothing. There was nothing in terms of the brands I wanted (the last sale I went to had Cheap Monday, Mink Pink, Kensie, and other desirable brands) and it was mostly catering to the *cough* Nammer high-school crowd (Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, etc.). So I walked out of there pretty fast. Nearly bought a Coach bag but then realized that I don't like Coach- so why spend a couple of hundred on it? 
After being quite depressed at the lack of shopping that was happening (I had been retail abstinent the whole week and was ready to shop as a reward for working long and hard this week), I happened to walk past the new Forever 21 on Robson. I had heard from a classmate the night before that it was open on Friday but when I checked online, I saw that the grand opening was for today. It turns out that the soft opening was yesterday and therefore people were more than welcome to go there to shop! Voila! I was immediately transported to shopper's heaven and literally filled my shopping bag with too many items to count. Fortunately, I managed to cut it down to three items (for now): a leopard print sweater and green chiffon shirt with a studded collar (worn here), and a pair of pleather shorts. I love this shirt because it's not so sheer that I am required to wear something underneath, a definite plus! The shorts I don't plan on wearing here, I'll be saving them for my much-anticipated Vegas trip. :):)  

After walking out of Forever 21, I walked into the store right next door: Aldo. In less than 10 minutes, I managed to buy this cute studded clutch/purse that was sale for $23. Go me! Then I hustled myself out of downtown before I could spend any more money. 

Anyways, hope you all enjoy your long weekend and check out the new Forever 21 store!