Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Getting the "Maxi"mum Summer Experience

I'm wearing:
Forever 21 maxi dress // Urban Behaviour belt // H&M straw fedora // Forever 21 statement necklace // wedges from states outlet // OPI "Blue My Mind" nail polish

Hello everyone!
Remember last week's late summer heatwave? The fall equinox has just snuck around the corner and we can finally start wearing our fall layers without breaking a sweat. However, on today's post I decided to wear a maxi dress that I had bought at a Forever 21 store while I was on an epic clothing and food foray in Seattle. Have any of you ever noticed how the Forever 21 stores in the states are just so much nicer than the ones in Vancouver? I'm hoping that the new location opening up soon on Robson Street will prove me wrong.

Anyways, although this maxi dress is relatively plain, its vibrant color and edgy back design made it a keeper for a mere $12.50 USD. I also probably should have worn my hats more this summer, as evidenced by my overly-tanned face (it looks much lighter in photos). Better start hardcore using that anti-aging skin serum that I bought for $60.

Also, be sure to check out today's "Trendy Tuesday" piece written by yours truly: http://ax3battery.com/2012/09/25/trendy-tuesday-from-the-silver-screen-to-your-closet/. Today's post features movie-inspired outfits from Pretty Woman, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Spellbound, and Nightfall.
Bonus marks for my awkward expression in the last picture. Have a great week guys! 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ready to Work

I'm wearing:
H&M dress // Talula shirt // Spring flats

You know these pretty dresses that you buy for one special occasion but never find the opportunity to wear ever again? Well on today's intrepid adventure with fashion, I was determined to battle that very unfortunate trend and find a way to wear this H&M pleated dress in a more casual manner. Wearing a button-up shirt over a dress can be a great way with which to dress down something that is usually more suitable for a formal dinner. In this particular outfit I decided to use that easy-peasy technique of tying the bottom of the shirt into a knot to create a casual and cute look. 

Also, the weather in Vancouver has been remaining in the mid- to high-twenties so I've had the immense pleasure of giving my summer wardrobe an extended lifeline. On this particular Thursday, AK and I decided to have a lovely breakfast at DeDutch where I was able to use a $15 gift card that I received from @DeDutch through Twitter (how awesome is that?!!). Thanks so much! It just pays sometimes to be a complete twitter addict. Then we shopped. I got some good deals but was still kicking myself for buying anything as I need to save for my much-anticipated December Vegas trip! Argh.

After our shopping expedition, we headed over to a local library to study. Which is where I am right now. And the only studying I've done so far is of the cool outfits girls are wearing on other fashion blogs. Sigh, guess it's finally time to go study now... #lifeofastudent

Laptop in hand. Happy Thursday and remember that the weekend is almost here!

(All these lovely photos were taken by the amazing AK, my gorgeous partner-in-crime.)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Stripes and Print on a Trendy Tuesday

I'm wearing:
H&M print tube scarf // swapped shirt // H&M pants // Guess leopard print heels // Aldo Accessories earrings

Hi everyone!
Last week and this week are proving to be a surprisingly last stand from good ol' summer! Mid-twenties weather, sunshine, and blue skies have got me wearing shorts and sandals as if it were still in the middle of August. Today on www.ax3battery.com, my very first "Trendy Tuesday" fashion post will be featured! Check it out at http://ax3battery.com/2012/09/18/straight-from-the-catwalk-the-top-five-trends-for-fall-2012/. Today's post was merely speculating on Fall 2012's top trends; however, my next few post ideas will be much more scintillating (I hope)! Enjoy :) 
This outfit was thrown together during my failed attempt at wearing more fall-themed clothing. I was trying to wear my new trench coat but when I looked outside at the sunshine I couldn't help but want to wear something a little more light and summery. I'm currently in love with my new H&M print tube scarf; it's the perfect combination of a tube scarf (which requires very little adjustment to look good) and a pretty print pattern (which was something I was looking for recently). P was my reluctant (and last resort) photographer for this particular post but I think he really got into the role after a few shots. ;)

Thanks for being patient with me again!

Make sure you take advantage of this summer weather by wearing all of your prettiest summer outfits! 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Cozy Hearts Cardigan

I'm wearing:
Swapped cardigan // H&M tee // H&M denim jeans // H&M clutch // Sam Edelman heels // vintage necklace // Aldo sunglasses

Hello everyone, are you happy that you made it to Friday?
Earlier this week, I was given an amazing opportunity to write fashion articles for AX3 Battery, an Asian lifestyle and pop culture webzine. The column that I'll be writing under is called "Trendy Tuesday" and I'll be sure to link my readers here so that you can see how well (or badly) I do! Other than this fun and exciting development in my life, I had a pretty decent week in terms of school and everything else. The biggest thing (other than the writing position) that happened was on Tuesday morning when I was walking to the bus stop and I came across a Caucasian woman talking to a crying little Asian girl. I nearly let them pass before asking the woman what was the problem. It turned out that the little girl (who was only 5 years old) was lost and couldn't speak English. Thanks to my lack of bilingualism, I couldn't speak to her in Chinese to see if she spoke Cantonese or Mandarin. Actually, I could have said "Ni Hao" or something I learned from my Canto friends but that just didn't occur to me at the time. Anyways, I managed to calm her down, stop her from running off the street curb onto the street, and strategize with the other lady about our action plan. We ended up calling the police because the girl, wisely, didn't want to walk anywhere too far with us. Unfortunately, I was only able to stay until the first police officer arrived before I had to leave for school. I later heard on facebook that the girl's grandma found her- yay for happy endings!

Also, although I'll have to work both tonight and tomorrow, I'm looking forward to celebrating a friend's birthday tomorrow night. I'll try not to get too down about the fact that I'll be missing an epic-sounding dessert cook off and potential pool party.

For today's outfit, I'm finally wearing this cute and comfy cardigan that I got, once again, from this clothing swap. I love the detailing: the puffy sleeves, the little hearts, and the gold buttons. According to its previous owner, it was from Korea but she never found a way to wear it. Let's hope that I did alright with it!

I took these pictures in my favourite place (not), my garden. My brother and I were both commenting on how our dad has managed to accomplish possibly the most horrible job of gardening in history. Look below to see me checking out this totally random tree that my dad decided to plant in the middle of nowhere. Also he cut down a couple of bushes, ruined these bushes that were once cut into pretty sphere shapes, and removed the attractive ivy that once covered our garden wall. Good job dad!

Have a fantastic Friday and start off that weekend right! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Cheaply Chic

I'm wearing:
Urban Planet chiffon top & studded loafers // Zara metallic leggings // Forever 21 earrings // vintage anchor-themed bracelet

Hello everyone, happy Monday!
It was supposed to be drizzling this morning as far as I know but Vancouver weather happily surprised me with some patches of blue sky, white clouds, and sunshine. Today I wanted to test drive these cheap but cute studded loafers from Urban Planet that I bought for both myself and another friend. For the low price of $15, we were both willing to try out this cute trend in footwear. If I end up with major blisters or accidentally tear a hole in them on the first day, I'll be sure to let you know.

While I was browsing the store for those loafers, I came across a rack of eye-catching and also cheap chiffon tops. I bought one but am pretty sure that I will be returning for more! Although the pattern of this top was much more crazy than I usually go for, I figured that such a cheap price would allow me to be a little more adventurous. However, the next top I buy will most probably be neutral and subtle. This particular top is loud, colorful, and bright- perfect for starting off the first full week of school with a bang.

Another thing I want to note is that I LOVE my new Make Up For Ever High Definition Primer; it has transformed my skin's life in terms of looking good all day long with a very small amount of foundation. I find that my skin looks dewy and lovely even after a long work shift or class, which is usually when I start looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon (ie. melting make up). Lastly, but not least, it makes my skin look quite amazing in pictures. A definite plus for an aspiring blogger!

All photos were taken by my kind mom, which explains the strange angles of some of these pictures (she is allergic to all forms of technology and has trouble holding the camera straight 90% of the time). Have a great Monday you guys, go get 'em!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Preserving Summer on Instagram

Hello everyone, how has your weekend been?
 It's hard to admit that summer is drawing to an end but the rain pouring on my rooftop is making it hard to maintain the delusion that it's still my favorite season of the year. To keep my mind on those happy, sunny days, I decided to post up a few instagram pictures highlighting some of the fun things that I did during the last few weeks of summer.  Enjoy!

Feeling the chilly breeze at our seaside restaurant, the Blue Canoe, in Steveston.


Part of our delicious seafood meal: mussels in white cream sauce with fries. 

Delicious rice cake soup with pork and beef dumplings at Jang Mo Jib Coquitlam.

At a farmyard BBQ in Langley.

A lovely friendship present.

A poor baby octopus in the seafood ramen.

The costumed leaders of our Ninja Pirate Sports Day.

Our awesome team, the Pip Squeaks, were the winners! Complete with authentic gold medals ;)

Gorgeous AK taking a breather on our Main Street shopping date.

A Sky VBS snack called "Shaky Hearts" made with jello, whipped cream, and strawberries.

Hyper kids and hoverballs at Sky VBS.

A proud Squidhead strutting his stuff at the PNE.

The beautiful bouquet that I received as a thank you from the church I worked at this summer.

Cheap but cute studded loafers that I bought for myself and a certain birthday girl. 

Deliciously flavorful kimchi fried rice with miso soup for lunch today.

What are the summertime memories that you're going to cherish the most this fall?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Fending Off Fall

I'm wearing:
H&M blazer // Zara top // American Eagle Outfitters shorts // Aldo heels // Revlon TopSpeed nail polish in "Lily" // Suzy Shier clutch // Forever 21 headband

Hello everyone!
It's the end of the first week back at school and I'm already having so much fun balancing my hectic work and school schedules with my precious social life. Added to those pressures are the need to apply for more scholarships and other forms of financial aid as my four year Gordon M. Shrum Scholarship at SFU ran out after, well, those first four years of university. It was so nice not having to worry about anything back when I still had my scholarship because I got first priority status for everything: parking lot passes (not that I needed that), class enrollment (I got first pick on the first day of registration), and my tuition fees were conveniently paid automatically by the school. However, now I have to worry about not being able to pay for those last two semesters and saving up for future plans, such as a new place or travelling to Asia next summer. So I'll keep my fingers crossed that SFU or some other kindhearted organization will take up my cause and sponsor me for a measly 5ish grand? Sigh, I'm probably pushing it here.

Anyways, back to here and now, I had a good first week of school and work. Working in a clothing retail store has been much more fun than expected; I guess having an obsessive love for clothes allows me to stay happy for hours on hours just folding and refolding clothing piles. My classes have immense reading assignments (one class alone assigns 120-200 pgs. per week!) but so far I have no final exams and the actual assignments look very manageable. Let's hope I'm still singing this optimistic tune come November! However, I am a fifth year student now and I have had much experience with every type of assignment (ie. peer reviews, research papers, presentations) that has been assigned to me thus far.

Today I wanted to wear something completely different but ended up choosing this particular outfit at the last minute. That's what happens when you can't find your favorite pair of shorts in the wash. Instead, I went with this torn denim shorts, mint top (I am so disturbed by that hanger thingy that's sticking out of my collar), and cobalt blue blazer. Not too shabby for something I just threw on eh? 

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed an abandoned toilet on my front yard. Why it is taking an eternity to get rid of that thing is beyond me!

Hope you guys have had a good week too and manage to enjoy the amazing sunshine while it still lasts! You know Vancouver weather, it always wants to keep you on your toes. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Seaside Relaxation

I'm wearing:
Polka Dot Company chiffon top // H&M pants // DKNY heels // Aldo sunglasses // Urban Outfitters beaded earrings // gifted bag

Hello everyone, how was your long weekend?
I am blessed enough to not have school on Tuesdays so I was able to spend one more day of freedom in the sun today! P and I were thinking of heading down to Seattle to indulge in seafood delights but decided that the long drive was too daunting. Instead, we visited a place that we hadn't visited before: Steveston. This little seaside fishing town in Richmond is a little gem that was the perfect place for my last day of summer break. Although it was a little windy, I enjoyed the sunshine and the peaceful scenery. Also, I have a fondness for rustic nautical/fisherman decor, which made this entire town into complete eye-candy for me. Under the recommendation of a friend, we ate at the pretty little Blue Canoe seafood restaurant. Although it was a gorgeous day, we only survived about two minutes on the patio before we had to head indoors for warmth. 

I was happy to wear my new red chiffon top that made me feel very pretty and feminine.  As well, I wore my new DKNY heels that were sadly unsuitable for a long walk around town. I feel like wearing that top was a sign of my defiance against the coming fall season. Are any of you also in denial of the fact that it's almost fall? 

A word that I took to heart today.

I swear my hair was only this messy because there is an extreme wind factor in Steveston. Who needs perfect hair when sipping a delicious matcha latte anyways?
Vancouver can be utterly photogenic in the sunshine. It was absolutely impossible to take a bad picture today. And apparently I love being a loner sitting on random benches.

I hope that you all got to enjoy the sunshine today in one form or another!